I did the full 11 day Custom Paint course and the Smart Repair course, so this covers my views on both.

 Firstly if you are expecting an easy two weeks sitting in a class room look elsewhere, don’t know what you’d learn like that but hey!. This is called an INTENSIVE course for a reason, IT IS, i learnt more in 11 days than i learnt in a year of college.

If like me you learn by watching and then doing, then this course is for you. Mick and Jennifer are great teachers there is no B.S, no “ use this product over this one”, just straight forward demonstration of technique(s) and now you do it. I think it’s the best / only? way to learn if doing something practical, learn by your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Mick and Jennifer will guide you as needed and stand back if they see you’re cracking on nicely. This is more important than you think, as suddenly you’re on your own painting away doing your final project without even realising the training wheels are off….. and now you’re a custom painter.

The building is perfectly set out for the training you will receive, as there is only 3 people on the course there is no bad place to stand / sit whilst watching a technique being been taught. When performing tasks your self the benches are well laid out, good extraction, plenty of space. Everything you need is on hand.

The course covers so much so quickly that you will struggle initially, but after a day or three, suddenly it starts to make sense with one technique reinforcing / being applied to something else. Basically what this course does, is provide the best foundation possible for all aspects of prep and paint work in the shortest time scale possible. By paint work i mean both “normal” and custom paint….. If you have any interest in painting anything more than a petrol tank in one go, then do the Smart Repair add on course as well (although i would say do it anyway as you never know what you will end up painting) . This snaps all the knowledge you have just previously learnt sharply into focus for real, in real time with the most picky customer possible inspecting your work.. Mick won’t give praise if is not deserved.

So to sum up is it worth the money OH HELL YES. Even if you only paint for yourself, the cost of the course will easily be recovered in your first full paint job. Plus what price can you put on knowledge that lasts a lifetime?.

 I have shown my work to several professional and amateur painters i know, and they knew my skill level before the course. All have been amazed at the work and finish. Do make sure though you have the space and money (less than you think you need) to get set up straight away when you go home. As you will be itching to use what you learnt .

Nigel  - 24/07/2017       




Best course I have been on. Mick is a great teacher and his knowledge is incredible. He gives you the tools and confidence and with practice to be able to properly and competently repair and paint bikes, cars etc… Please thank Andy Glover for teaching the welding day that was great too.

 Steve and I would love to come back next year and have a go at the custom painting course.
Many Thanks
Roy - 21/09/2016



I just need to say what a fantastic course it was. I learnt so much, and everyone who I showed the wing to were amazed at the finish. Definitely a fan of flake! I feel confident that I can develop this knowledge into another income stream for my business. I’m even considering doing some bike bits too. I’ve wheeled out the TRX850 and I’m going to get this up and running and fixed up. I’ve bought a couple of bike tanks to have a practice on too.  I’d like to get my finish as good as Dereks tank the other week! Then all I need to do is decide the colour of the Cobra! The hospitability both of you showed us was brilliant and far exceeded anything on any course I have attended. The time that you put in making sure we understood was second to none and totally enjoyed every late night.  I definitely will be doing custom paint course.

Thanks once again. Amazing.
Ellis’ - 04/07/2016


What a course!! From start to finish it was absolutely amazing, day 1, bum twitching like a rabbits nose , day 11 full of confidence with the results to prove! I seriously can't thank you enough. Every aspect of the course was delivered with passion, humour and if I had a tutor like you at school I'd have probably turned out to be a banker or something that rhymes with it!! Thank god I came on your course!

Hats off to both of you and thanks Jen for feeding and watering us!
Just a little extra shout out to Mick!! Good luck with your bucket list!

Thanks again
Julian - 22/06/2016


What can I say, once again thank you for what was an excellent , intensive but thoroughly enjoyable 11day course.

As I told you on the course I am one of the biggest cynics in the world but the results that I achieved with your help and guidance far exceeded any of my expectations , I put this down to your no nonsense relaxed and friendly teaching style , together with your enthusiasm and dedication .Not only was the practical side of the course first class but your advice on how to set up and run a business , what equipment to use and more importantly what to avoid was priceless. I can honestly say I have never been on any training where the students and instructor are still working at 1 and 2 am !!! , what a change from the majority of 9 to 5 then out of the door courses. The reactions I have received to the sample boards and the tank we completed on the course have been amazing, they still amaze me if I'm honest , and people are asking when I will be in a position to do work for them , which thanks to you I now have the confidence to do.

So all I would say to anyone who is thinking about doing any course that you run , is do not hesitate just pay your money and do it, you will not regret it and its worth every penny. Thanks Mick
Nick - 04/01/2016



I was fortunate enough to attend the 'conventional' painting 5 day course at Paint My Ride in November. During my professional life I have been on many courses. This one was amongst the very best. It was delivered by Mick in his inimitable style. Confident, relaxed and knowledgeable. Mick is at the top of his game.  I subscribed to the course with the intention of bettering my painting knowledge to use in DIY hobbying. I came away at the end though with the confidence in my ability to seriously contemplate this as a business opportunity. You will be amazed at the quality of work you can produce when Mick imparts his magic. So great experience, great value but most of all GREAT FUN!" 

Thanks Mick
Russ Taylor - 16/11/2015


Just a quick one to say thanks again for such an awesome two weeks. I never in a month of Sundays thought I could achieve the standard of work I can now do. This is all down to you, and the really well structured course. The very friendly reception I received on day one and all through the course is brilliant, really put me at ease, your patience and training is second to none, this is the best course I have ever done. Money very much well spent, I have already been asked to do two jobs.

All the best mate, you’re a legend.
 Dave (Paul) - 01/06/2015
PS. Thanks Jen for feeding and watering us.”



I have worked in the top of the Automotive industry and Motorsport industry for 20 years, this is the best training I have ever had.

The most impressive thing that stands out is how hard Mick works to make sure you get everything you need from the course. You train in a real world bodyshop environment, and everything is related to how you would use your new skills to do customers work. All of the mystery and costs are stripped away from the world of custom paint, leaving Mick to teach you core skills that will enable you to do any job, to show standards, without the need for expensive equipment and paints. A great deal of thought, effort and experience has been put into the course structure and Mick's teaching methods.

I recommend the 11 day course to anyone interested in custom paint, although I only went on the course to paint my own projects, the course left me with the confidence to set up my own bodyshop in the future and tackle any job that could come through the door.

Mick with Jens help puts up a fun environment for you to work in, with lots of banter and before you know it, its the end of the day and you can airbrush! Not only will you learn everything you ever wanted to learn about custom paint, you will also really enjoy your time at Paint my ride.

Lee Giles - 05/10/2015


Hope you are doing great my man. Thanks very much for a wonderfully designed and delivered course; I couldn t fault.
One of my mates was telling me, what can you learn in two weeks?  I have to say I have learnt a years worth of training in just two weeks.
The amount of knowledge I have gained and the confidence I have developed was worth every single penny. It's amazing to know there are plenty of avenues I can go after finishing the course, not just airbrushing.

My only regret is the fact that I never did this course much earlier. If anyone is serious about learning the in s and out s of preparing painting surfaces, the actual painting process and adding that professional finish then this course is for you. Three days after the course I bought myself an Airbrush and have already received three commissions, a tank on a scooter, a family portrait and a helmet job. Thanks for everything Mick.

Fam - Visual and Fine Artist | Director | www. famaushee.com



Just wanted to let you know that within a week of completing the course I have already received two commissions from friends....a guitar and a helmet! People are amazed at the standard of finish achieved on the tank and boards we did on the course. I would not have thought this possible without a natural artistic streak, but the fact that we all achieved similar results over the eleven days proves it's the techniques you taught rather than talent alone. The formula for preparation, paint and finishing is second to none and whilst at a recent custom paint show I could easily spot the good from the bad (now I am a pro with the paint!) I have been interested in custom paint all my life but never had the trigger to do something about it and now after fifty-three years I have bought the kit so let's see where this ends up!

Best Regards,



Hope all is well with you & your family.
Well it's been a week since my 2 week course with you & all that I have learnt has started to sink in. First of all many thanks for a great 2 weeks, it was money well spent as well as an eye opener.
Your course was just what I was looking for "a complete hands on in sight to the world of custom painting".
It's given me confidence to tackle my first job & put into practice what I've learnt straight away by starting the bodywork & then painting of my kit car project. I know just what to buy in both tools & materials, which in its self will save me a great deal of time & money by not getting stung buying things I don't need. I'm already eyeing my bike up for couple of plastic repairs & a new lick of paint.
This of course will only be part of my practice works for better things to come.

A great many thanks.



I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for delivering such a fantastic course, and providing me with the knowledge, confidence, experience, and techniques to pursue this avenue professionally.
I did an abundance of research prior to committing to your course, as although on the surface the course promised to teach all the various techniques/repairs I required, I was sceptical about the amount I could achieve in such a short space of time.
However, this course provided 2 weeks of unbelievable experiences, and intense training from a passionate teacher with incredible skill and knowledge. You cannot help but learn and be inspired by Mick, and he will ensure you leave with the confidence and skill you wouldn't think possible in such a short time frame.
Mick's ability and umpteen articles displaying his work speak for itself. I'm certain there is not another course available which can provide you with the confidence and skill with an airbrush or spray gun as this….ITS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!





 I would like to thank you for everything you have done and taught me, I attended your course knowing very little and came away knowing so much more and confident to be able to do anything I learned on the course on my own. Friends and family have been shocked at what I done over the 11 days and what I brung back to Scotland with me, already I have had interest from people that think my work is "cracking" and have a thing or two they would like me to do for them. The course for me really was outstanding, even after the first day the amount I learned I couldn't believe and was excited for the next to see what else I would be able to achieve. Although 11 days doesn't sound long the intensity and long hours in the day really do make up for it and I highly recommend anyone going on this course rather than a 1 or 2 year college course. Since I've left the course I have Been shopping around getting equipment Mick told me are key, almost there now and can't wait to start work, as you no I have the toy ride to refurbish and have also bought some cheap helmets to custom paint to hopefully get interest from buyers, overall I highly recommend this course to anyone with experience or no experience in the trade, as I have already said the amount you learn in the 11 days is unbelievable and great for anyone wanting to get up and running with there own business as quick as possible.

Once again Mick thank you



Hi my name is David brown , i attended the full coarse including the smart course back in august , it was the best money i have spent in a long while , Mick is a master with a spray gun , when i booked the coarse i told mick i had a illness that made me very tired , Mick was very patient with me and i got threw the two weeks , the coarse was great, i now have my own body shop in Falkirk , there hasn't been a customer that was not happy with there car , and just this week done my first none standard paint job , it turned out fantastic i was well pleased , i would have never dreamed i could do that type off work to that standard , i left this testimonial until i had tested all off what i was taught by mick , i would recommend this to anybody , and yes Mick you can pass my number on .

all the best for the future




Just a quick note to say hi and thanks for the teaching on the course. I had a wicked two weeks and as hard work as it was, travelling over 200 miles a day on the train to do the course, it was worth it. Extremely surprised at how well the tanks turned out after being beaten up as they were. I can now tell my body shop where to go as I can do the work myself. I am well on my way to getting all the equipment I'm going to need. I've already got a few practice tanks and a couple of bikes to start with. The course was meticulous and well executed so probably no need to change the layout. All being well I'll see you in Cyprus next year when I'm established?

Kind regards Darren Rhodes



Thanks for a really fun and informative course, I am amazed that i could be completing such a standard of finish on my tank on my own in such a short time!
It is especially amazing seeing I had no experience of painting at all! I've shown my tank to my mates who have paid for custom work in the past and they are gobsmacked, as my paintwork is better than their so called custom paint jobs! Its the final 10% of work (noted) I smell some work coming up .........?
This result is down to your factual and informative course, it is a credit to you that you can I believe get anyone up to a standard with your hands on and sensible approach.

I'll be down for the welding and smart repair course as soon as possible, Thanks for the nod re the hotel it was spot on. Would I recommend your course? Sure 100%, it was the best course I have ever been on and I now have the skills, knowledge and confidence to move onto painting my own bikes and my mates bikes as soon as I find some space to do it. Anyone contemplating this course should just dive in it's brilliant!

Cheers! Steve de la Rosa (Glasgow)

Just wanted to say thanks for a proper hard but extremely informative and enjoyable 11 days. Like most I suppose I was a tad sceptical that your course did what it said on the tin, as it were, but it certainly does that and more and well worth the trip up from down south. As you know, I wasted the best part of £400 on another course somewhere near Brighton and can honestly say that I learnt more in 3 hours with you than I did in those 3 days.

I now definitely have the necessary knowledge to carry on and practice and take my new skills to another level. To anyone reading this and considering doing a course such as this, just believe, this is the only one, don't dither, go for it. The man's knowledge and abilities are second to none, (in my humble opinion) he's got a lot of patience and ace natural teaching abilities, you will achieve what you came for, you'll work hard and have a laugh and some late nights, but well worth it.
Anyway, thanks again mate and also many thanks to the missus for all the sarnies and lunches and wish you both well for the soon expected new arrival.


PS, Don't forget the team photo and don't hesitate to give my mob number to anyone wishing to find out what your course is like.



Just a quick email to thank you for the course I have just completed with you. My wife has been blown away with what I have produced in such a short time and I needed someone like her to remind me that I came on the course knowing nothing and yet I achieved so much by the end of it. This was down to you and your instruction: Your hands on approach, simple "monkey see, monkey do" method of instruction, patience and skill made for a really interesting and informative course, that even managed to train someone like me that had all the dexterity and brains of a drunken shaved monkey! I can honestly say that I learnt loads but more importantly I was never bored or out of my depth. I will of course continue to learn as I realise that my skills require some "fine" tuning but I feel that as long as I follow your instructions I will have no problems. Again many thanks mate and Im afraid I will continue to call you because you were silly enough to give me your mobile!




I attended Mick's full course late 2008. I have always had an interest in painting but never the confidence to take on work. Mick's business "Paint my Ride" was the only package I could find that gave me everything that I wanted to be taught properly. The full course covered repairs, preparation, painting, artwork and finishing. I was somewhat skeptical that I could be taught this in such a small time but due to Mick's professionalism and patience we cracked it all.

I have been a military man for over 25 years and have never come across a more professional and patient man ever. I enjoyed each day and I'm being honest I didn't want the course to end. I completed a military themed tank of which I was the proudest painter alive, and I think our Mick even enjoyed it to!!!

I gained the confidence in taking on projects from the course, it is important you understand your own capabilities before doing so but I would have never imagined having the confidence to talk though a job, explain the different stages and see in your imagination the finishing product.

Since the course I have started the basis of my own painting business, I am in the process of completing a 1941 Norton tank for a magazine and this hopefully will open up some more cash paying customers. I paint because I enjoy the finished product, I get too attached to my work but I have Mick to thank for that as his attention to detail and sense of ownership only rubbed off on me.

I recommend this course to anyone like me who enjoys the aspect of repairs and painting. You could find cheaper courses but you will never find a better one, fact!!! I will be using Mick to constantly improve my skills, Mick's airbrushing skills are legendry and if I could be 1/2 as good then I would be happy.

In summary, value for money, top teaching ability, enjoyable, and most of all for me confidence inspiring.

Dale Norman




I would like to thank you for a hard but amazing 11 days. The course covered everything that I needed to learn (as you know I am starting my own business) in a real hands on way. My skill level is better than I had hoped thanks to you, and I already have my first job, a complete respray of a VFR with some custom work. With out your skill and teaching on your course I would not be able to even think about starting my business.

Thanks again Mick
ps If you need a reference I am only to happy to talk to anybody.



Tommy and I had a fantastic time on course, we really enjoyed the experience. We learnt a lot of valuable information and tricks of the trade. Even Tommy who has had several years experience as a spray painter/ panel beater found the content of the course to be advantageous for our new business. The course covered such a broad spectrum of subjects yet still gave us the knowledge to be confident in each of these. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to start up a business in custom painting or even those who would like to take it up as a hobby. The advice given throughout the course we've found has been essential for us starting up our business especially in terms of the equipment required, and the back up support that you offer.

If you need to use us for a reference for anyone else looking to do the course you are more than welcome to. We are now in our workshop have been whitewashing walls and prepping everything for the booth being built. We start on the booth next Monday and are both really excited but knackered!! We should be ordering our airbrushing and pinstiping kits this week so we have to time to get some more examples our our work done before we open next month. The tanks and boards we did on our course have already brought us business in, with our first order being for a shrek helmet for one or our friends. Have to go now as we have a million things to get done as you can imagine, will be in touch soon, Haven't forgotten about the haggis either will get one sent down as soon as we can!

Thanks for all your help and patience on the course
Auds x



I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed the course. I had never used an airbrush, spray gun or plastic welder before but after this course I feel totally confident in my ability to use them professionally. I knew there was a lot to cover in the course, and yes at times it was intense, with a few long days but I felt that your approach to each part of it was excellent, knowledgeable and even humorous. Having Steve there to share his knowledge and experience was an added bonus too.

This is a brilliant course and I think anyone thinking of doing it could do nothing but benefit from it. Having your support after the course is great as I have called on both of you for advice and opinions whilst setting up my business.

Thank you again for an inspiring 11 days and for making me feel 'at home' whilst doing it.

All the best
Steve Armstrong



Sorry its taken so long to email u, just got set up with the internet over here in OZ. Just been on your website and seen the photos today, thought i would send you an email so you could put it on your website, so people can read some feedback of your course.The course was excellent, really taught me alot about the different techniques you can use. It has also given me some great ideas to start up my own business in smash repairs and custom painting. Once again thanx for all your help and support throughout the course, it has given me heaps of confidence and i will recommend anyone to get off their backsides and give it ago, i did!

Thanks alot guys,



Thanks for all your help and guidance over the last 2 weeks during the course I had a great time and learnt loads, I now just need loads of practice.The family and friends were all very impressed with the work I turned out (with your help) and would recommend your course to anybody! The only problem is I need the work so perhaps I wont! Thanks again and will be in touch when I get things sorted out here, as I am sure I will have some questions by then.
Good luck for the future.

Best Regards

Ps the scull is now framed with Sellafield Rocks Ok on it and has a good place on the wall to scare the Sh1t of any un-invited guest.



I just had to send a note to compliment you on your training course, it was fantastic.
I was very impressed with the whole set-up and the way you welcomed and treated me throughout. It is nice to see in this day and age someone who will give 110%. My kids loved the art work, I have lots of ideas for mini's now, watch this space!
I will be back for more training, I just need to put in to practice what I have been taught and sort some time out at work.
Would it be possible for you to email me an receipt for the cost of the course and a list of your suppliers. I want to buy some of the green masking tape and some of the air-brush templates.


Thanks again



For just five days of learning I'm amazed by some of the work I can produce and through time and effort I can only improve.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the short period where I developed skills to hopefully start up my own business. With your teaching methods and techniques I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in this line of work.

Keep up the good work and all the best for the future.




Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed the course. As you know I am working on setting up my own business, but the way in which the course is structured and the vast array of skills and confidence I have now gained, I am relishing the chance to get stuck in. It is a testament to the professional mentoring and coaching you provided....even I was shocked at the work I produced at the end!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this intense but extremely rewarding 11 day course for anyone who wants to learn the right ways in preparation, painting and finishing. It really is the only course of its kind! Don't forget to drop me an email when the true fire courses are going to be run and I will be up for more training!




Just a quick note to let you know how much i enjoyed the course. It was very hands on, lots of fun and i learnt a wide range of techniques and methods. Before the course i had never held a spray gun or airbrush but how have the confidence and ability to take on customer work. The course is hard work but very rewarding and excellent value considering the amount of skills the you acquire in such a short space of time

Thanks again



Just a quick e-mail to thank you for a very challenging but really worthwhile course. If you told me what I would be achieving in just 11 days I would never had believed you!! You made me feel at home in a relaxed and fun environment and I found your style of teaching to be second to none. In just 3 days I went from never having picked an airbrush up to producing art work that I've shown my friends pictures of and I've had to show them the real thing because they just don't believe me! I've been on plenty of courses and found the majority of them not worth the money. You could learn in an hour what they teach you in 5 days, the rest of the time they're trying to sell you products by the people they're sponsored by!! Your course couldn't be more different. It was very refreshing to go on a course where it was 99% practical and was very good value for money. I felt Mick gave us his all and was very passionate about what he does!! DONT CHANGE A THING!!!

Good luck for the future and if you ever need a reference please contact me.

Best wishes



Just thought i would drop you aline to say thanks agian for the weeks course ive just completed.had an excelent week, and you have given me the knowledge to hopefully go on from here.cheers mate... see you sometime

I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for having been given this opportunity. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every single bit of the course - and of course, plan to put it all into practice. You managed to pass on a wealth of knowledge in such a short space of time and I only wish I was staying on to continue learning and practicing in such a friendly place. Your professional but witty approach instantly made me feel welcome and at home which, for me, gave a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. Please pass on my thanks to Karen, Liv and Luke who also made me feel very welcome.
I hope to see you all again soon and of course will stay in touch from time to time.

Thank you so much Mick
With love,

I wanna say a big thanks to all of ya for helping and being so accommodating while I was there. I had a fantastic time and to be honest, I kinda miss not being there. Ah well.

The good news is that because of all the stuff that Mick taught me I have a job in a body shop. It's just as his apprentice if you like but it suits me. I get to hone all the skills you taught me and get paid for it. Basically im gathering money to start my own smart repairs business, which will branch out into paint jobs and custom paint jobs. At the place im working they don't do custom paint jobs, but everything else you taught me they do, from cosmetic repairs to smart repairs, to whole re-sprays as well as well as kit car rebuilds, and classic car restoration. I have worked only two days but its great fun, and here's the kicker, I get paid for it! One thing I would like to know is what size compressor would you recommend. I have an airbrush, and I will be getting a spray gun or two, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

Again, many thanks guys



Just a few words to say thank you for the Custom Motorcycle Spray Painting course I attended in October. I really enjoyed the time I spent at Paint My Ride and can honestly say I don't think I've ever learnt so much in such a short space of time! It's clear you obviously all put a lot of thought and effort in to the 11 days. As I explained before, previous to enrolling on the course I'd absolutely no experience in spray painting and now, 3 months later I'm doing my first paid job! I would recommend your course to anyone!

Once again thank you all very much.

P.S. I'm very sorry this has taken me so long to write and if I can be of any assistance with talking to any would-be students then please do not hesitate.



Just a note to say thanks for the excellent course!! from zer to hero in 11 days. Amazing. Always thought it was too difficult to spray bikes and used to give it to someone else to do, but now I'm actually getting asked for and getting paid!!

Course was fun, informative and structured brilliantly. The instruction was patient and tailored so i could master the techniques as i went. I looked at other student pictures but I didn't for one minute think I would achieve so much The aftercare is brilliant and it's good to know your only a phone call away if i have any questions.

Money well spent and now I've just got to find the time to fit the work in!
I would be happy to chat to potential students, but not if they live by me!

Cheers again Mick



Thanks for a great week and tailoring the course to suit my request. Thought I was only going to learn how to paint up a club racers bike but have come away feeling confident enough to do a full race rep and much more.

Mick is superb at explaining the craft of creating something special, I amazed myself at the results I was able to achieve but only with the guiding hand of someone who believes in what he teaches to the point of perfection, even grinding 30 year old rust off a bike petrol tank was fun.
Cheers Mick, a really enjoyable week with a project completed to be proud of, see you soon to do the airbrushing course.

Mick Wainwright



Thanks for your patience during the course - Having never seen an airbrush before the course, it took a while to get the hang of using one and must have been quite frustrating for you to watch me get to grips with one!
I wasn't really interested in Airbrushing before the course, but as it was part of the course I thought I should give it a bash - As it turns out it's a very important part of custom paintwork, so I'll be practising my new skills in the garage as soon as I get myself some painting kit.

Even though I did the course just for my personal interest, the skills you've passed on to me are much appreciated and I suspect I'll be using them a lot once my mates see the finished tank I painted during the course. I can think of a couple of bikes already that could use some bling!

I enjoyed the banter with you and Rob during the course and thank you for making us feel comfortable enough to ask stupid questions.

It was a revelation for me to realise that Painting / Air Brushing / Pin Striping etc isn't the "Black Art" it appears to be - It was also refreshing to be taught that you don't need the flashest tools / consumables / workshop etc to get a first class finish.

Thanks again for passing your skills on...



I have just finished the full 11 day course at 'Paint my ride'. This experience was most enjoyable and worth while !, I felt it was well worth the money and learned so much within the time I spent there.

Mick is a top bloke and is very patient, he helps you through every aspect of the trade that you need to know until you get it right !, then and only then will you move on to the next part of the course ! Throughout the course mick refreshes your mind and you keep notes on everything you have been taught. The more I practiced different techniques the easier it got ! by the end, spraying and airbrushing felt natural! and I enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to get set up here now and put into action! I would recommend this course to any one wanting to learn this trade as it hasdefinitely put me on the correct path I needed. I look at bike artwork/Graphics and can now work out how it was done !


Thanks again Mick and Good luck in the future,

Tom Bowsher
(will forward some pics of my tank shortly ! have not forgot)