1. How do I book my place?
First off I insist on chatting to all potential students before I take a booking. This is to understand your training needs and to make sure the course is for you. Once you're happy to book I will send out all the relevant joining instructions to include payment details and accommodation list. A £100 deposit is needed to secure a place for the 5 and 11 day courses.
2. Can you arrange accommodation?

No. However I will send you an accommodation list to choose from and we have negociated discount for you. As this is a tourist type area the cheapest we got the price doun to is £40. Some stay on the many local caravan parks, just a thought.

3. Can I bring my own project?
If you wish to bring your own helmet or tank, please bare in mind that, as part of the training, I will have to damage it for you to learn how to repair it. I'm not in favour of this much of the time as it tends to limit the training in many cases but it is possible depending on the job.
4. I don't consider myself an artist, is it worth me trying airbrushing?
Absolutely, simply because there are market demands at present. All students surprise themselves by what they end up achieving with the Airbrush. Once you grasp the basics you can start achieving expensive looking effects that will set you apart from other painters.
5. What are the course hours?
The day will start at around 10:00hrs, possibly earlier at time and aim to finish for 18:00hrs +. But rest assured we don't finish until you have completed what you need to do, so it's not uncommon to be finishing off at 20:00hrs on some days but on the final days of the 11 day course our record is 3:00 am, no I don't ever want to beat it!
6. Are there any days off during the 11 day course
Yes if you choose, or the course can run straight through.