Below you will find a brief breakdown of what is covered
on each day of the 5 Day custom paint course.

Day 1:​ Airbrushing

The 3 day airbrushing package is quite intense as I will teach you how to work the airbrush correctly and become confident with it's workings, There is little point in attempting artwork until you can master the airbrush without thought, so on day 1 this is what we do. For the full day we learn by the 'wax on wax off' technique, exercise after exercise. This is a fun day for us all, as there are many mistakes and much swearing! The day ends on a high after you produce your first piece of art.


Day 2 & 3:

Without giving too much away, I cover everything from basic stenciling to a free hand mural of a woman's face. Our philosophy is that if you get thrown in at the deep end anything less will be basic, so all work covered over these next 2 days would be considered technical by an already established airbrush artists. An enjoyable 3 days learning, you do not need to be an artist to airbrush. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.


Day 4/5: Custom Painting

Please understand there is no such thing as custom painting by itself. If you are wanting to learn real time custom paint jobs you will still need to learn the skills that relates to conventional painting, Prep work, Priming, Gun handling and set up, lacquering etc.

This is purely a custom paint course. Although the 3 days Airbrushing is for beginners, the 2 day custom painting is more for students with painting experience. This 2 days are not just to get you trained up on techniques but also to give the opportunity to go through the actual custom paint process on a real time job, i.e. lacquering and sanding as well. Beginners are welcome but please understand you will be focusing more on the techniques rather than the process, however this can be explained to you in detail.

I start the day by giving you some demonstrations on;
- Torn metal
- Chequers
- Wavy torn union jack
- Flames
- Back masking
- Metal panelling
- Marbleising
- Custom fades
- Metal Flake

On these two days you have an option of your own design, or, if your imagination isn’t working I will design something for you that incorporates all the techniques. You will lacquer (clearcoat) at the end of each of these days and take all your work home with you.
An enjoyable but testing couple of days covering as many techniques as we can in the time we have.
Please have a look at our gallery at what can be achieved.


Course Price: £800